Interested in Working With Burton?

We are all about “WIN-WIN” at Burton Pest Control.

We do all we can to help our clients win first and foremost, we win by solving their problems.  Thirty years ago, I was between jobs and tried Pest Control to just stay on top of expenses for my young family.  I thought maybe I will do this for 3 months while I search for a job in my field I studied for in College (won't bore you with the details).  Month 3 came along, and I discovered I liked this work, not because of the pests, but I liked helping these families, and I felt almost like a Doctor, treating the sick home, healing it as an exterminator.  Strange Right?

We know that many people look at this type of work as difficult and it is.  Who wants to go into a crawlspace filled with spiders, mice, rats and all the creepy crawlers that exist there.  If you have the guts and believe you can be customer oriented first and foremost, maybe we should talk.  Our new marketing efforts are really paying off, we could use your help.  This would be a new experience for us as it has only been me and my son Chase.  We are looking to find a new member of our family.  We want to support you and, teach you as I have with my own son.  If you want to matter through the work you do, you are our kind of human.

Burton Pest Control Provides
Paid training and licensing.

If you are considering joining us, please email.  Calls are impossible now due to work volume.  All inquiries are kept confidential.  Resumes are appreciated, but your story and interest are more important.  Contact me by email, Ray at