Yellowjackets Zero Fun to Play With!

Yellow Jackets will nest almost anywhere. They can build nests on the side of homes, in bushes, in trees, in the ground, in abandoned sheds and cars. In the Northwest, Yellow Jacket nesting begins as soon as the weather turns warm enough for the queens to wake up from their winter hibernation and begin the nesting process. This generally falls within the months of May through September Yellowjacket nests in the Northwest are not perpetual, as they are in the warmer states such as Arizona and New Mexico. At the end of every season, the entire nest dies off except for the reproductive queens which fly off to overwinter some place warm and protected, usually attics or crawlspaces. Then, beginning in Late April to May, they begin the nesting process all over again. Our service consists of treating the nest directly, using a combination of chemicals that kill the nest within 24hours. We also have a Yellow Jacket Preventative service which is very effective at keeping YJ from nesting in or on homes and is usually done at the beginning of April. It is similar to our wasp preventative service. For clients who have sensitive properties, where preventative spraying may not be an option, such as horse boarding and riding centers, Baiting programs designed to kill the queens before they have a chance to begin nesting can also be effective.