Voles Down in their Holes!

In the Portland area, mole activity is responsible for Thousands of dollars in landscaping damage to home every year. This pest tunnels underground foraging on earthworms and grubs and have enormous appetites for both. The tunnels they leave can cause the death of small trees and plants as well as allow other pests such as rats and mice to gain access under homes.

The best treatment method for these pests is trapping. There are numerous other products on the market from sonic devises to smoke bombs designed to drive these pests out of your yard, unfortunately, nothing works as reliably as trapping.

Voles are a type of rodent we have here in the Northwest that resembles small little mice. These pests live in the ground and seem to prefer lawn areas to burrow into. Typical vole activity will leave holes in the lawn about the size of a half dollar and trails between the holes that resemble snakes.
Voles can be controlled by baiting down the holes, and usually requires 2 baiting’s to eliminate the problem.