Honey Bees-zzzzzzz

When it comes to honeybees we love them and are our primary goal is to try and leave them alone as much as possible. When they are in trees or in areas that they aren’t going to be harmful to people we recommend leaving them alone. Now and then they might set up a colony in an attic or other areas of a house, and once that happens, the bees can cause both damages and be a threat to the people living there. When these conditions arise, we can help control and remove these threats. Honey bee colonies can be difficult to get rid of for sure. Their colonies can be huge and usually take two treatments to get them under control. If a colony of bees completes their hive, and you choose to exterminate them, the hive will have to be removed because it is equivalent of unplugging your refrigerator and leaving everything in there to decay. Within that nest, are thousands of bees, brood and gallons of honey just waiting to decay and drip through every crack and crevice available.

Below is a time elapsed video of a small swarm of bees moving into a wooden box and establishing a hive just as they would move into the walls of your home. The video shows what a small swarm can do in 90 days, and big swarms achieve this in 45 days. At the start of the setup of the hive, people can hear the bees hitting and bouncing all over the interior of a wall or ceiling — the beginning of the video shows how the bees bounce around as they start working. Once the hive has matured you might now hear them buzzing as they grow, and grow and grow... Yikes!


Bumblebees again are insects we try to leave alone if at all possible because they are excellent pollinators in the Pacific Northwest. Bumblebees are very hearty, and they start their activity early sometimes even in mid-February. You’ll see them out pollinating in the spring, and at times these guys create nests in attics and crawlspaces. There are a couple of varieties of bumblebees here in the Pacific Northwest, some of them get very aggressive as the summer goes along if they are in your house they start chasing anything that makes a loud noise or that comes close to the nest. Bumblebees have a nasty, painful sting!  Ouch!