Box Elders Swarms Where it's Warm

You may have seen some extra crawling visitors recently, they're called box elder bugs, some might even be stink bugs. Boxelder bugs are not uncommon during spring, summer and early fall. The bugs can be varying colors, bright red, light brown, greys too. Elderbugs love maples, even our luscious Douglas Fir. They also love warm places so you may find huge numbers of them all over a sunny spot on your house, roof anywhere really that gives them lots of sun and warmth. Elderbugs can appear in the thousands, but experts say they do not pose any real threat to plants, pets or humans. You may need to work overtime sweeping them up, in mass quantities.

During this time there is a lot of mating happening and they are just making thousands more. You may find trying to get rid of these bugs can be a real challenge, not long ago, I received a frantic call from a young mother whose 4-year-old daughter would not leave the house because she was afraid of them being all over her patio, front porch and all over the siding of the home. We can help these invasions of elder bugs big numbers, stink bugs, and Japanese stink bugs too. The biggest problem we have found with this type of bug is they seek out the cracks and crevices into your home, which can be annoying or ever make you jump a little when the land on you while reading or making a cup of coffee! If you need help, or just want some help call Burton Pest Control, certified elder bug exterminators mainly serving Hillsboro, Beaverton, Aloha, Forest Grove, really anywhere west of the Willamette River.  We like to stay west of the river but if you have an emergency situation elsewhere we can usually help, many times even over the phone.