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No contracts are the main ingredient of what makes Burton pest control different and better. Most pest control companies lock you into one or two-year contracts for services you may not even need. The big-name (Orkin and Terminex) corporate companies want you to panic and induce fear about bugs and pests that might not ever be a problem at your home.

Burton pest control is not seeking your signature on a dotted line. We believe in solving your problems by being on your side, even teaching you what to do so you can easily manage most issues on your own.

Our services are designed to be specific to what is happening in and around your home and can be canceled at any time, with a quick phone call.

Single Service Calls

We are one of the few companies in the Portland Metro area that will do single services.  We don't believe you need to sign up for a yearly contract when we take care of a single pest. For example, say we are treating wasps, most of times wasp problems can be fixed the day we are there. Done and finished. So much of what we run into during the course of the active season is easily handled by a single service call many times it is under $100.

Semi-Annual Treatments | 2-Services Per Year

Our choice for your service is what we call our SAT Semi-Annual Treatments. We do these treatments generally twice a year in April and in August and they’re designed to be outside treatments used to control general pests including spiders, bees, wasps, and yellowjackets. These treatments are designed to be preventative in nature basically making sure that the house stays past free.

Pest Control Three Times Per Year

Our three times per year service is just like our SAT except there’s an additional outside service we provide. These treatments are generally done in March, June, and September. This is designed for the homes that tend to get a lot of spider or box elder activity. This gives us the power to take care of unusual insect patterns that are atypical.

Quarterly Service

Our quarterly services are for those homes that need the same type of quality of the three times per year plus an added inside service to deal with problems such as rodent control in attics and crawlspaces. With the quarterly service, we generally treat outside in March, June, and September and then we treat the inside service in December.

Bi-monthly Pest Control Services

Our bi-monthly service type is mainly designed for people who have a tremendous amount of trees, plants, foliage or very large front and backyards. Excessive trees and bushes keep spiders and other pests hidden and active. To keep all general pests down to a minimum these homes need to be sprayed probably about every two months.

Other types of clients that might need this type of service are some corporate clients where rodent bait stations are constantly replaced and monitored every couple of months to make sure that the rodent population stays under control.

Monthly Pest Control Services

Monthly services in the Northwest are not something that is generally needed. Monthly pest control is overkill, we don’t have the volume of pests that other states like California or Florida do. Providing monthly outside services isn’t necessary but where it does have a place is when it comes to rodent control for corporate clients or businesses. Restaurants, recycling centers, farms or other food scrap oriented businesses may need these types of settings. Sometimes you may experience this in a residential setting where you or a neighbor have chickens or other animals living outdoors. Pests thrive in these situations because of all of the available food sources for them.

Pests We Help Eliminate

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