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Complete Dryer Vent Re-duct And Rebuild » Burton Pest Control

Dryer Vent Servicing and Repair

Burton Pest Control has been servicing, repairing and rebuilding dryer vent systems for the past 16 years. We perform this service for our clients during the months from October through March Why clean your dryer vent? There are approximately 16,700 dryer vent fires every year. It’s one of those home maintenance areas that we just don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. However, the accumulation and buildup of lint behind the dryer and within the venting tube can have devastating consequences if left unchecked. Over time, as lint builds up in the hose and venting tube of your dryer, this creates air restriction which can place greater stress on your dryer. This restriction also creates Blow Back. This is the accumulation of lint behind the dryer itself, which is extremely flammable. Other factors such as pet hair can also increase this problem. The solution to this problem is to simply have your dryer vent serviced once every three years. This will keep your dryer working at maximum efficiency and eliminate the risk of anything bad happening.