Burton Pest Control is DIFFERENT!  

Ray and Chase Burton listen to your problems and offer the best solution as a friend would.  Many times their good advice on your 1st call with them is enough to solve your pest problems without them even visiting you! Imagine that?  

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Burton Pest Control does not have a pushy sales team like many pest control companies do.  Most pest control companies use fear and misunderstanding to have you sign their maintenance contracts for big dollars.  Keep it simple, call good people 1st.


What Are The 3 Biggest Reasons To Have Clean Dryer Vents? 

When did you last clean your dryer vent?  Never you say!? Hold that thought, please.

Dryer vent cleaning and services for dryer vents is just something most people never really consider necessary however, there are multiple reasons to consider this service as important.  

Many people might not clean them until the life of the dryer ends, too late.  At that point, they need to repair or install new dryers and this is when they find the mountains and piles of lint that was hidden and forgotten.

We have been in many homes where the lint has been piling up 10 years or more and this is what you should definitely avoid.  

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4.7 Stars - Based on 43 User Reviews

Terry CrandallTerry Crandall

Ray Burton is the kind of guy that makes you feel like old friends reunited. Great man, great family, great business!

Scott BennettScott Bennett

Ray was great. He came out to one of my clients homes we had under contract and found a solution to our Beetle issue. He was professional and very knowledgeable.

Tom S.Tom S.

I'm super please with Burton Pest Control. I had a rat in the garage that I got and I knew something got under the house. I thought I took care of it, but...

Aireanne N.Aireanne N.

This company is amazing!
We thought we had mice (it turned out to be a rat) but Chase came to our house over and over helping us and bringing us traps and...

Christina F.Christina F.

Amazing service. Wasps chewed a hole through my grandsons closet and quickly filled his room. In a panic I called at 4:30 pm and Ray was there by 6:15 pm....

Kai CornelioKai Cornelio

Completely fixed our dryer vent issue and also cleaned the vent. Also helped us significantly reduce our sugar ant issue and it cost us way less than we were quoted by other companies.

Thank you and would highly recommend!!!!

Stephanie PottsStephanie Potts

After reading a few other reviews I decided to give Burton Pest control a try when our garage/home had been invaded by roof rats!!!! Once I wage war the aim is to win a quickly so I had taken several steps and set out traps in the garage and bait stations outside. Chase arrived at the scheduled time and I showed him around and what I had found and what actions I had already taken and while making a few recommendations and pointing out a few things he was quick to say that he wasn't here to sale me a service that I really didn't need at this point. He was confident the steps that I had already taken and the steps discussed would finish the job. He even went to the length of giving me two more used but very effective traps. I am pleased to say that 6 hours later we have killed the 4th rat and no new signs of anything. If and when we need pest control again Burton has my business. Extremely pleased.

Donna PowellDonna Powell

My husband dealt with Ray when we couldn't figure out how to get rid of a yellow jacket nest behind the siding of our house. Ray was professional, very personable, and knowledgeable about the situation...he explained what he was going to do, what was going to happen afterwards, and then he did it! We thought at a reasonable cost, also. We haven't had any more problems from those pests! Thank you, Burton Pest Control!

Toni ViuhkolaToni Viuhkola

Although Ray could not help with my problem (squirrels in our attic) he provided a lot of good information during his quick visit and gave me referrals to a few companies who do handle squirrels.

Jennifer OJennifer O

'Burton is a family business helping families' I saw this on their site, and it could not be more accurate. They are amazing. I have worked with both Ray and Chase and they have saved me and my budget more times than I can count! No matter what the issue they are always there they solve the problem and follow up. They are like friends at this point, I know I can always count on them.

Would You Really Like To Know Quickly?

Many times we may have a mask on and can not answer the phone.  We may be in an attic or crawlspace or maybe even driving.  We can see your texts way faster.  So fire away, we may be near you now.  Send photos of your pests too!

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