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Safe & Effective, Burton Pest Control Has Studied and Searched for the Best Treatments to Safeguard Your Family for Over 30 Years

Pest control a better way

Ray and Chase Burton listen to your problems and offer the best solution as a friend would.  Many times their good advice on your first call with them is enough to solve your pest problems without them even visiting you! Imagine that?  


Wasp, Yellow Jackets, Hornets

In the Northwest, yellowjackets, wasps and hornets get active as soon as the weather turns warm enough for the queens to wake up from their winter hibernation and begin the nesting process.

ants in hillsboro oregon

In the Northwest, in addition to carpenter ants and sugar ants (our two biggest ant concerns), there are the Western thatching ants, moisture ants, odorous ants, and pavement ants.  (Sugar Ants) These little ants are small in size but not in consequences. 


Rats, Mice - EEK!! Rodents

Rodent infestation is extremely common in the Pacific Northwest. Rodents will settle in urban, suburban, and rural areas and feed on anything a human does, including home gardens and fruit and nut trees.

Pest Services

No contracts are the main ingredient of what makes Burton pest control different and better. Most pest control companies lock you into one or two-year contracts for services you may not even need. The big-name (Orkin and Terminex) corporate companies want you to panic and induce fear about bugs and pests that might not ever be a problem at your home.

Burton Pest Control Starts Each Day From Hillsboro, Oregon

exterminators of the suburban and rural areas of western Portland

Big bees in Beaverton, or should we say Beeverton?  Hornets in Hillsboro!  Ant infested Aloha, Tigers in Tigard? (please don’t call us for tigers).  Ok, enough playing.  Forest grove, Aloha North, Cornelius, Helvetia, North Plains, Mountaindale, Banks, Wilkesboro, Kansas City?, Verboort, Dilley, Blooming, Farmington, Hazeldale, Gaston, Laurelwood, Laurel, Scholls, Buckheaven, Sunnycrest, Newberg, Chehalem, Middleton, Sherwood, Tualatin, King City, Kinton, Lake Oswego, Garden Home-Whitford, West Slope, West Haven-Sylvan, Burlington, Holbrook.  If you we missed your West Portland town please let us know, we love the nooks and crannies of our service area. 

What We Believe

Burton's Priorities in
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We are one of the few companies in the Portland Metro area that will do single services.  We don’t believe you need to sign up for a yearly contract when we take care of a single pest. For example, say we are treating wasps, most of times wasp problems can be fixed the day we are there. Done and finished. So much of what we run into during the course of the active season is easily handled by a single service call many times it is under $145.

Yelp Reviews

Customers Often Choose the Word Honest

  • Dahlia C. AvatarDahlia C.

    5 star rating After living in our home for almost 2 years, we discovered a rat in our basement and garage. Ordered a few traps to bait and capture them ourselves which luckily... read more - 2/12/2021 

    Aaron R. AvatarAaron R.

    5 star rating After not getting calls back from other companies, Burton Pest Control was responsive, friendly and effective. I would recommend them. - 2/08/2021 

    Mary C. AvatarMary C.

    5 star rating Great company! Not only were they responsive, they taught us how to keep sugar ants at bay. Highly recommend! - 1/21/2021 

    D .. AvatarD ..

    5 star rating Fantastic. First on my list to call. Gave me a super reasonable quote initially. Came out and looked at our property, checked for places mice could get in - didn't... read more - 10/28/2020 

    Elena C. AvatarElena C.

    5 star rating Had an out of control yellow jacket nest close to my front door and garage door trapping me in my house on a Sunday. I called Burton Pest Control and... read more - 8/10/2020 

    Jennifer S. AvatarJennifer S.

    5 star rating Wow, so impressed! We have dealt with recurring and annoying ants for 20 years. Burton's took the time to show us how to bate and rid the colonies.... read more - 8/08/2020 

  • Charise B. AvatarCharise B.

    5 star rating Amazing. I followed Rays advice and no more ants! Can't get better than that. He also told me about a product that I can just get cheaper on Amazon than... read more - 6/12/2020 

    Tom S. AvatarTom S.

    5 star rating I'm super please with Burton Pest Control. I had a rat in the garage that I got and I knew something got under the house. I thought I... read more - 9/17/2019 

    Christina F. AvatarChristina F.

    5 star rating Amazing service. Wasps chewed a hole through my grandsons closet and quickly filled his room. In a panic I called at 4:30 pm and Ray was there by 6:15 pm.... read more - 8/30/2019 

    Shannon V. AvatarShannon V.

    5 star rating We had an infestation of yellow jackets under the siding of our house. I called and they were at our house within a few hours taking care of it. Reasonable... read more - 8/17/2019 

    George W. AvatarGeorge W.

    5 star rating Highly recommend Burton Pest Control. I woke up Saturday morning early to head out of town for the day. I woke up to a massive wasp nest next to my... read more - 7/16/2019 

    Daniel H. AvatarDaniel H.

    5 star rating We had a rat problem and they took care of it so quickly and kindly. My wife and I were just floored be their responsiveness and willingness to come right... read more - 7/11/2019 

  • Tan F. AvatarTan F.

    5 star rating Excellent service and highly recommend! We had a bad ant problem with the tiny ants. The traps I used didn't work as the ants were too small. I called... read more - 7/08/2019 

    Aireanne N. AvatarAireanne N.

    5 star rating This company is amazing! We thought we had mice (it turned out to be a rat) but Chase came to our house over and over helping us and bringing us... read more - 3/24/2019 

    Renee H. AvatarRenee H.

    5 star rating These guys are wonderful! Ray is such a down to earth honest guys who is very hard working! He knows his rats let's me tell you! We had him come... read more - 12/19/2018 

    KJ B. AvatarKJ B.

    5 star rating Great company to deal with. Ray is super honest and helpful and leaves you with the tools to fix the problem the next time around. We used him for... read more - 9/29/2018 

    Kelly M. AvatarKelly M.

    5 star rating I called about a Wasp problem and even though their schedule was completely full they found a window of time to solve my wasp problem. Kind, courteous, fast service. - 7/30/2018 

    Johan V. AvatarJohan V.

    5 star rating After trying to get rid of a yellow jacket with a spray can (and very limited success), I decided to go with professionals.They came a few hours later - and... read more - 7/24/2018 

  • Jeff C. AvatarJeff C.

    5 star rating They came by a got rid of my yellow jacket problem quickly and very reasonably priced. Great communication could not ask for more. - 7/04/2018 

    Angie H. AvatarAngie H.

    5 star rating They were able to come out very quickly when we discovered a terrible smell under our house. He was able to get under our house and figure out what the... read more - 1/24/2018 

    Steven D. AvatarSteven D.

    5 star rating Of all the pest control companies we have tried, Burton is the best. They responded to our requests right away and were extremely professional. Our ant problem was solved in... read more - 5/13/2017 

    Jeremy W. AvatarJeremy W.

    5 star rating Ray Burton at Burton Pest Control is awesome! Professional (always calls me Mr. [last name]), down to earth, friendly, quick to respond. I had a possible issue with mice due... read more - 5/10/2017 

    Marilyn M. AvatarMarilyn M.

    5 star rating Yikes! Yellow jacket nest in my front yard! Called Burton's Pest Control and they came by that very day to assess the situation and apply the treatment. Problem... read more - 10/22/2016 

    G B. AvatarG B.

    5 star rating Awesome service. Called Monday for a yellow jacket problem and he was able to swing by that afternoon. Great guy and a great price. So glad I looked up the... read more - 7/26/2016 

  • Allison S. AvatarAllison S.

    5 star rating A family member recommended Burton Pest Control & now I think we ALL use them! They do a fabulous job! Appointments are easy to schedule, they're very knowledgeable,... read more - 7/02/2016 

    Kathy T. AvatarKathy T.

    5 star rating I'm very impressed with Burton's Pest Control. Ray was here the next day for my mice problem! He found 10 breaches where they could get in & set at... read more - 6/23/2016 

    Katie R. AvatarKatie R.

    5 star rating So happy with the service from Burton. They were at my house the very next business day after I called. Ray had put together a home kit for me to... read more - 3/28/2016 

    Karen S. AvatarKaren S.

    5 star rating Very pleased. These people came out, did the job for a reasonable price and would highly recommend them. I feel this is a very honest local business - 10/23/2015 

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4.7 yelp stars
4.7 Stars - Based on 30 User Reviews
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Pesky pesty Pics

Safe & Effective, Burton Has Studied and Searched for the Best Treatments to Safeguard Your Family for Over 30 Years

Burton Pest Control


2972 SE Turner Creek Drive Dr, Hillsboro, OR 97123

  • Dael Kolwitz AvatarDael Kolwitz

    Very happy to meet Ray at Burton Pest Control. When the company I used closed its doors they advised for any future... read more - 12/02/2022 

    Andrew Hollandsworth AvatarAndrew Hollandsworth

    Wonderful company who is willing to take my random calls of bug questions and walk me through solutions and options even if... read more - 11/01/2022 

    Brad AvatarBrad

    I have used Burton Pest Control twice now and have had an excellent experience with Ray. Always on time and explains everything... read more - 10/05/2022 

    Carol Beauchamp AvatarCarol Beauchamp

    Exceeded expectations on multiple levels. - 9/13/2022 


    Outstanding service! Ray was friendly, professional, and a great technician. Pricing was affordable. He took care of my rodent problem and... read more - 8/01/2022 

    andrew beland Avatarandrew beland

    Raymond came out to inspect our house. He was very professional and did not try to sell us anything. His rates are... read more - 7/12/2022 

  • Melinda Claire Stewart AvatarMelinda Claire Stewart

    Very knowledgeable and honest. Could have charged quite a bit and instead gave me loads of advice and information. Couldn’t be more... read more - 7/03/2022 

    Darla Vang AvatarDarla Vang

    Ray was excellent to work with. Came to remove a wasp nest at my home. He is professional, came prepared, and can... read more - 6/05/2022 

    Jonny Wooo AvatarJonny Wooo

    Friendly staff, showed me how to deal with sugar ants without having to call pest control in the future. Also treated my... read more - 5/17/2022 

    Geoff Zeller AvatarGeoff Zeller

    Ray is very knowledgeable, friendly, and a pleasure to do business with. He gave us great recommendations and products to use to... read more - 4/30/2022 

    Rob Rodgers AvatarRob Rodgers

    Ray was great to work with. He was responsive, fairly priced, punctual, and thorough. He made quick work of removing our wasp... read more - 4/02/2022 

    Justin Corthell AvatarJustin Corthell

    Ray is awesome. Fast response, friendly, professional and reasonably priced. Highly recommended. - 12/15/2021 

  • Tracy Brunais (TheMuggleMolly) AvatarTracy Brunais (TheMuggleMolly)

    Amazing service, fast and thorough. They came out, addressed the problem we had and were able to fix it for us. Very... read more - 5/01/2021 

    Tracy Brunais AvatarTracy Brunais

    Amazing service, fast and thorough. They came out, addressed the problem we had and were able to fix it for us. Very... read more - 4/09/2021 

    Kathy Rankin AvatarKathy Rankin

    Very professional. Totally trust their work. - 4/09/2021 

    Jessica Stout AvatarJessica Stout

    Ray came out today to help with our little black ant issue and also a critter(s) in the attic. From talking to... read more - 3/29/2021 

    Nick Rucker AvatarNick Rucker

    Mr. Chase Burton went well beyond expectations of eradicating our rat/rodent problem. These guys are very professional, very knowledgeable, and prompt... read more - 3/13/2021 

    Stacy Pollard AvatarStacy Pollard

    Love this company! Haven't had any issues since using them. They are knowledgeable and fair. I would definitely recommend their services. - 2/22/2021 

  • Ozzie Cisneros AvatarOzzie Cisneros

    We started seeing signs of rat activity in our garage. I set out a couple of traps, which were unsuccessful. Since we... read more - 2/15/2021 

    Brandon Meier AvatarBrandon Meier

    So I had a sugar and problem in my kitchen and I called and asked for a quote and he asked for... read more - 2/15/2021 

    Ryan LeClaire AvatarRyan LeClaire

    I can not speak highly enough of this company. Chase has been to our house to seal up both our attic... read more - 1/15/2021 

    bridget donnellan Avatarbridget donnellan

    I would highly recommend Burton Pest Control to anyone looking to rid rodents in their yard. They were friendly, professional, and offered... read more - 11/15/2020 

    Mary Clare Adame AvatarMary Clare Adame

    Wonderful experience and service! We had a yellow jacket nest and they where able to come out that same day. Will for... read more - 10/15/2020 

    Denene Collins AvatarDenene Collins

    Ray Burton Pest Control is a our go to company for all our pest control needs. We noticed sugar ants in the... read more - 9/15/2020 

  • Jennifer Swick AvatarJennifer Swick

    Wow, so impressed! We have dealt with recurring and annoying ants for 20 years. Burton's took the time to show... read more - 8/15/2020 

    Timm Zahn AvatarTimm Zahn

    Chase was so awesome at getting rid of our rat problem. I've never seen anyone so enthusiastic about rodents! But seriously, Chase... read more - 8/15/2020 

    B Sel AvatarB Sel

    Excellent service in every aspect! We had an active yellowjacket hive forming in the void space behind the siding on our... read more - 8/15/2020 

    M Dog AvatarM Dog

    Excellent service in every aspect! We had an active yellowjacket hive forming in the void space behind the siding on our... read more - 8/11/2020 

    Katie McNeal AvatarKatie McNeal

    They are fantastic! We used them at the business I worked for and now we use them for our residential needs. They... read more - 7/15/2020 

    Mark Abby AvatarMark Abby

    Ray was fantastic in helping us deal with our rat problem. Excellent service and affordable pricing. Highly recommend. - 6/15/2020 

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4.7 Stars - Based on 51 User Reviews
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