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Ray and Chase Burton listen to your problems and offer the best solution as a friend would.  Many times their good advice on your first call with them is enough to solve your pest problems without them even visiting you! Imagine that?  

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Burton Pest Control does not have a pushy sales team like many pest control companies do.  Most pest control companies use fear and misunderstanding to have you sign their maintenance contracts for big dollars.  Keep it simple, call good people first.

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Helped with Rat Problems but oh so much more!

As everyone has noted already, these guys are are the best. They're exactly the kind of company I was looking for. They won't try to oversell you things you don't need. They'll gladly explain what they're doing and why. They'll even tell you how to rid yourself of other pest (like ants) while they work to solve the currant pest problem. And give a 6 month warranty to boot.
I called about a rat problem. Ray showed up the next day with a plan. He came out 3 more times to set/check traps and seal up all entrances. He also will be back in a few months to seal up around my sewer line (it was too wet from rain to do it now) as part of the service. At that time I'm going to have him clean out and fix up my dryer vent to make it easier to keep clean.
Thanx Ray

Barry G.

Going with Burton's for all my pest needs!

I'm very impressed with Burton's Pest Control. Ray was here the next day for my mice problem! He found 10 breaches where they could get in & set at least 50 traps in the attic, underneath the house & garage. He came back in 5 days to close up the breaches & check the traps. He caught too many nice for my liking! Then he came back in another week to recheck. This was all for one very reasonable price! No trying to sell me something I didn't need. We even discussed our sugar ant problem that we pay a quarterly service and they never fix the problem. (Barrier)I will be canceling them & going with Burton's for all my pest needs! I would highly recommend Burton's for all your needs.

Kathy T.

They do a fabulous job!

A family member recommended Burton Pest Control & now I think we ALL use them! They do a fabulous job! Appointments are easy to schedule, they're very knowledgeable, been able to treat all my problems quickly & efficiently, the maintenance care is great, prices are excellent & they're so nice! I highly recommend them to all my friends!

Allison S.

Super-friendly, knowledgeable and very professional

I like bumblebees, just not when they're swarming in my garage. After a few days of their numbers growing, I became concerned. This wasn't just a few that got themselves trapped, this was becoming a problem. You know you have a problem when going out to the garage required a risk/reward analysis. I googled "bee exterminator" and Burton Pest Control was closest to my house. I called, and set up an appointment.

As someone who is obsessed with punctuality, I was pleased Chase Burton arrived on time. He was super-friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. He was relaxed around the bees, alleviating any anxiety I had standing in the garage with bees flying around me. Chase outlined what he was going to do today and a few days later, including a couple additional problems he came across. Needless to say, the experience was excellent and Burton Pest Control will be my first call if something else should crawl, buzz or scurry up.

Jason O'Brein

I would 100% call Burton again

Wonderful, kind group of people! Super quick response time and incredibly honest. I didn't feel pressured in to anything, didn't try to get us in to an unwanted contract, just came and got the job done! I would 100% call Burton again and would 100% recommend them to anyone who asked!

Jasmine Broadhead

These folks are awesome, I called because we had an issue with RATS! We were dumb and fed our Doves on the ground over the summer and that attracted rats. We were worried they had a burrowed under our house into the crawl space.

I called and spoke to Mr. Burton, we made an appointment and he was on time, which I appreciate. He popped under the house and set a couple of traps. He came back a few days later (on a Saturday) to check and thankfully there was no activity..

He sealed some areas in the crawl space so no rats could not gain entry. He was honest and did not try to upsell us to something we did not really need.

He was on time on his 2nd visit as well. We appreciate timeliness very much, we have had many contractors thru this house over the years and most of them don't value your time.

I highly recommend these folks!

Shiaytay Z

Yesterday Ray came to help with a mouse was saw last week, he found where they were coming in to our crawlspace. He then identified 5 different types of ants and taught me how to deal with them on my own leaving a kit for ants and the knowledge to keep ants out of our home. I did not expect that! Kind, honest and thorough, my kind of service.

Terry crandall

Ray went out of his way to accommodate my schedule. He figured out it was mice, which I had traps out for already, he added some bait and was very reassuring my mice issue would be resolved quickly. Ray that you so much, you are a true professional!

Kristin B.

They are exceptional at what they do and are wonderful to deal with

I had Burton Pest Control remove a very large yellowjacket hive that had been built in a 4-Plex Bird House. Burton came out quickly and eradicated the hive. They also removed the Bird House for me. These people are AWESOME; I will use them again when the need arrives. I also recommend this business EXTREMELY HIGH! They are exceptional at what they do and are wonderful to deal with. Thank You Burton Pest Control!!!!

Karen D.

Honest Guys Who Are Very Hardworking

These guys are wonderful! Ray is such a down to earth honest guys who is very hard working! He knows his rats let's me tell you! We had him come out and he found the areas the rats were coming into the house. He baited those areas to make sure no rats would be trapped inside & then sealed up the areas using a mesh metal to they can't chew or dig through the patch. So far no more rats!
He has also been very punctual with appointments and explains things very very well! I honestly would recommend this company if anyone has pest problems!!! Thanks so much Ray!

Renee H.

So nice to work with a local company with integrity!

Yikes! Yellowjacket nest in my front yard! Called Burton's Pest Control and they came by that very day to assess the situation and apply the treatment. Problem solved. They were super-nice, professional and reasonable. Glad I checked and found them on Yelp, as other places I had used in the past were total rip-offs. So nice to work with a local company with integrity! I will definitely use them again.

Marilyn M.

Of all the pest control companies we have tried, Burton is the best. They responded to our requests right away and were extremely professional. Our ant problem was solved in only a few days with no deadly sprays or anything that would harm our pets. Burton never tried any pressure for "upselling" any other services.

Steven D.

These guys are wonderful!

This company is amazing!
We thought we had mice (it turned out to be a rat) but Chase came to our house over and over helping us and bringing us traps and glue boards to help trap the rat. He also put up with me texting him for ideas on how to catch the rat and to reassure me that we would eventually get him.
He also brought my twin daughters cute mouse toys that they love.
I would highly recommend them.

Aireanne N.

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